Monday, August 15, 2011

Farewell to South Africa

I hate the word "Goodbye". I truly do! I have a memory attached to that word which causes me to wonder, every time I hear someone say it, if it is the last time I will see that person. I prefer ANY other way of saying "Farewell".

-"Hasta luego"
-"See ya later"
- "Till the next time"
- "Here's looking at you, kid"
- "Catch ya later"
- "Adios"
even, - "Bye"

See! Aren't those much better choices? Yes, I agree. They are!

I laid awake for hours last night. I cannot believe that the time has past this quickly. There is something uniquely special about this place! Its the scenery, the ocean, the people, the atmosphere. Everything! I never thought that I would feel so at home in a place so far from my heartland. Isn't it remarkable that a person can travel to the other side of the world, completely away from everything familiar, and find a place of which it feels so natural to be a part.

I miss my family and am excited to see all my friends again. But now I have two families and I will always be missing one of them. Now I have two homes and my heart will always wonder when I will return.

All the sappy "goodbye-thetimeispassingtooquickly-iwillalwaysloveyou-wherehaveyougone" songs playing on the radio definitely do not help!! I suppose feeling too much is better than not feeling anything at all.

To all the wonderful people I have met on my travels this summer: I love you and will miss you more than I can express. Each and everyone of you has made an impression on my life and I could never forget you. Thank you for making me feel welcome, helping me to enjoy the good times, and for being there during the difficult moments. I only wish that one day I will be able to be as good a friend to someone as ya'll have been to me!

To my family and friends back home: Thank you for always being excited for my adventures during this trip! The support from all ya'll has been phenomenal. I truly love you and look forward to seeing you again soon!

Watch out Texas - Lis is heading home!

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