Monday, June 13, 2011

Hard at work in the salty air

On Friday we shut down our input water pump so we could clean out the filter and when we tried to prime the pipe and start the pump again - it wouldn't start. Disaster.
We spent several hours working on the problem Friday (and hauled about 30 5 gallon buckets full of seawater) until we ran out of time and had to go to another World Oceans Day event. We returned on Saturday morning with reinforcements and tried again. The guys braved the cold water to fix the no-return valve at the intake end of the pipe, working for several hours before being able to clear it of debris and reattaching all the pieces.
We returned this am and tried to prime again - to no avail. We have spend most of the day working on it again and are still not able to maintain enough water in the pipe to allow the pump to activate. Ever optimistic, we continue to try new ideas and will prevail! :D (hopefully!)

This is a panoramic view of the Old Harbor. The building in the left of the photo is the SASC office! ;)

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